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Our exclusive partnerships with some of the biggest and most active playlists in the world allow us to place your music on the same playlists as the industry’s elite, guaranteeing a huge audience of music fans and industry professionals. We understand the importance of results and that’s why we tailor our campaigns to your specific song, genre, and needs for maximum impact.

We take pride in providing 100% real, organically grown playlist placement and authentic promotion with engaged listeners and no freaking bots. In an industry plagued by fake streams, we stand out by offering a money-back guarantee in case of any suspicious activity from our playlists.

how this all works…

1) select your preferred campaign size
2) we reach out to our list of curators to pitch your track to the right playlists
3) up to 7 days later, your song is placed
4) enjoy growth

Plans starting at

$ 75 .00

* minimum plan gets you a minimum of 5k high-quality streams

  • plans up to 1M+ streams
  • negotiable prices for specific streaming goals to fit any budget
  • open communication regarding updates and statuses of placements

about spotify playlisting for artists

our streaming packages are designed to help artists and musicians reach new audiences and promote their music on the world’s largest music streaming platform. through our network or curators, we can ensure your music is heard by your desired audience, increasing your plays, followers, and overall engagement on Spotify.

increased exposure

reach new listeners, increasing your exposure and helping you reach a wider audience.

Increased engagement

Our network of playlists are designed to increase your plays, followers, and overall engagement on Spotify, helping you build a loyal fanbase

Targeted delivery

By listing in specific playlists, you can target your desired audience, ensuring your music is heard by the right people.

cost effective

Ad packages are very expensive. Playlisting offers a cost-effective way to reach new audiences.

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